A. 3D Papertole Art


Papertole Art is the art of carefully cutting identical prints or images into their specially distinct parts, shaping these pieces and then reassembling them into a three dimensional (3D) replica of the original print. The cutouts are carefully layered on top of the image using a silicone material and resulting in a multi-layered image. The final stage involves the embellishment of each image with acrylic paint, glitter and sometimes varnish to protect the surcafe of the image and for glittering effects. The finish product appears to have the 3D effects. It looks like that it has the depth of the real images and the prints come to “life”.

 The ready 3D papertole work of art is so lively as you can see parts or thickness of each slice from the closest to a certain extent of glances and different angle of viewing



B. Silver 925: 3D Silver Souvenir & Jewellery

Our product is 925 filigree grade with International Quality. The 925 representing the genuine silver quality is 92,5%, therefore all of our products are marked with 925. Filigree Silver, is the silver thread,  made artistically and properly designed and turned into decorations. The intricate technic of making it into exclusive souvenir needs full concentration and focus.

 SILVER 1137

All of the products are 100% handmade, highly delicate in crafting and processing, all of them are higly selected and have been thoroughly checked for International Quality Standard approval. We craft varieties of Souvenirs and Jewellery items, and “made to order” too, as requested. Our products can be viewed in our Gallery, Jl. Sampit 4 no.8A, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta (12130 ) Indonesia.